Jeeg & Bigshooter Build Up Set

Dynamite Action! Steel Jeeg & Bigshooter



Manufacturer : Evolution-Toy
Series             : Dynamite Action
Original          : Steel Jeeg(Hiroshi Shiba)
Release Date : Mid Apr., 2018
Material          : ABS, PVC, Iron, Magnet
Height            : H 17cm.
Size/Weight   : 46 x 24 x 15.3 cm / 1101g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : x,xxxx

Set Contents

– Set version of [Dynamite Action GK Limited Big Shooter] and [Dynamite Action Steel Seague] are released!
– Thanks to the cooperation of Qingda Bunka Kogyo Co., Ltd., we were able to incorporate a separation / coalescing gimmick of [Mini Mass Machine Series] on [Steel Sieg] and [Big Shooter]!
– When I was young … I could reproduce `That Plastic model` that clasped pocket money and went to buy !!
– Please expect from the new product rich in play abilities [dynamite action steel jig & big shooter build up set] !!
※ [Dynamite Action Steel Sieg] in the set, Siegbazooka, deformed head, hand parts for knuckle bomber etc are not included. Please note.

– Part composition: Steel Sieg Body … 1, hand parts (left and right) … 2 sets (hand grip · open), Mach drill … 2, Big shooter body … 1, parts for mini shoot machine … 1 set, parts for mini magn … 1 set, parts for mini gyro machine … 1 set, parts for mini build machine … 1 set

– Specifications: painted finished figure figures
– Size: Overall height about 17 cm
– Material: ABS / PVC / Resin cast / Magnet / iron

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