Iron Jeeg Limited Metallic Color

Brave Gokin 35 Iron Jeeg Limited Metallic Color


Manufacturer : CM`s Corporation
Series             : Brave Gokin
Original          : Steel Jeeg
Release Date : Mid Jul., 2011
Material          : PVC , ABS , PA , Diecast
Height            : H 160mm.
Size/Weight   : 48 x 35 x 11 cm / 1180g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : x,xxxx

Set Contents

– The tumultuous topic [BRAVE alloy Jeeg 35] the long-awaited Metallic Ver. I can do it!
– Limited Edition as well as head, chest, waist, arms, legs and built-in magnets, can be combined in any combination, making the best separating their properties?
– You can combine both types of mechanical horse Panzeroid more!
– Jigubazuka, combined with well drilling mach Jeeg magnet!
– Can be fired in the spring Nakkurubonba!
– The Nakkurubonba, able to perform regular fire arms and more stable of the arms also included a separate firing unit.
– The head of normal and deformed mini figures and the new Space Cyborg Cyborg separate air
Variants of the head are also included, system transformation program – to reproduce the atmosphere of the application?
– Edition and Kuni Akira metallic body to enjoy the charm off a little bit different gigue and limited edition!

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