Mazinger Z


Manufacturer : Bandai
Series             : Soul of Chogokin
Original          : Divine Demon-Dragon Gaiking
Release Date : 2021
Material          : ABS, Die-cast
Height            : Bigsize
Size/Weight   : 580mm x 875mm x 215mm / 8510g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : xx,xxx
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Set Contents

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Copyright Toei Animation
Gaiking Height: approx. 175mm.
Daikumaryu Full length: approx 750mm.
–The greatest Chogokin soul in history! The combination play of Gaiking and Gaiking is finally realized on a huge scale!–The three mechas of [Part 1] of the upper body, [Part 2] of the lower body, and [Part 3] with the deformed head of Gaiking are combined to complete the Chogokin Soul [Guy King] with a total height of about 175 mm!
–The big scale [Gaiking] with a total length of about 750 mm will be a large fortress base that can store Part 1 and Part 2 in the fuselage.
-Furthermore, Part 3 of Gaiking is transformed into the Gaiking head, and it can be combined with the Gaiking.
–Three micro popinica dinosaur-type mechas are also installed inside the Great Sky Demon Dragon.
–The voice IC built into Gaiking can play two songs, the theme song of the program [Gaiking of the Sky] and [Gaiking of the Starry Sky].
–Gaiking transforms into a defensive form [Volume Protect].
――It is an item full of play value that is a set of a transforming / coalescing robot and a large fortress base.

[set content]
・ Gaiking body
・ Gaiking replacement hand parts 2 types each on the left and right
・ Various display pedestals and columns for Gaiking
・ The main body of Gaiking
・ Gaiking Claw Optional Parts Left and Right
・ Gaiking option ring parts x 4
・ Guy King Part 3 Gaiking Joint for mounting
・ Micro Popinica Hiryu Skyler
・ Micro Popinica Sword Dragon Bazolar
・ Micropopinica Ichthyosaur Nesser
・ Explanation / Instruction manual booklet
・ LR44 x 3 (with test battery)
・ First-time benefits Special art board

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Item Size/Weight : 86.5 x 56.8 x 21 cm / 8720g

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