Soul of Chogokin GX69 Goldymarg



Manufacturer : Bandai
Series             : Soul of Chogokin
Original          : The King of Braves Gaogaigar
Release Date : Late Jul., 2015
Material          : ABS, Diecast ,PVC
Height            : H 210mm.
Size/Weight   : 36 x 25.1 x 15.1 cm / 1284g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : x,xxx

Set Contents

– Buddy that becomes the Gaogaigar strongest tool [Gordion hammer] is, appeared in Soul of Chogokin!

– Strongest tool [Gordion hammer] of Gaogaigar in a [Gaogaigar] drama. Deformed and its strongest tool [Gorudi over Marg] is, appeared in Soul of Chogokin!
– Full deformation to three forms of [Lobo form tank form-Maguhando & Gordion hammer form].
– In combination with [Soul of Chogokin GX-68 Gaogaigar] (sold separately), you can reproduce the state to trigger the strongest deathblow [hammer Hell and Heaven]!
– Stand included.

– Lobo form> Gorudi over tank form> Gordion hammer & Maguhando form three forms completely reproduce the deformation of!
• Even taking into account the deformation, to reproduce the proportions of massive image
· Maguhando when the wrist is also possible to exchange large type of shape-oriented.
Head section telescopic mobile

– Special Moves [hammer Hell and Heaven] also image reproduction possible !!
· “ Nail pull scene for Zondakoa removed also reproduced in part recombination.
· Nail pull parts are moving, and reproduce the hammer Hell.

– Set includes: Gorudi over Marg body, Maguhando replacement wrist, Gorudi over Marg replacement wrist left and right each two, hammer Hell for nails, hammer Hell for nails (short), hammer Hell nail tip two, Zondakoa, dedicated pedestal set

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