Mazinger Z

Metal Build - Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z Infinity สงครามหุ่นเหล็กพิฆาต


Manufacturer : Bandai
Series             : METAL BUILD
Original          : Mazinger Z
Release Date : Feb-2018
Material          : ABS, PVC, Diecast
Height            : H 180mm
Size/Weight   : 38.4 x 26.6 x 8.6 cm / 1001g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : x,xxx

Set Contents

– Mr. Yanase’s first participation in METAL BUILD!

– Mazinger Z of the movie version comes with abundant optional parts!

– Mazinger Z appearing in [Theatrical Version Mazinger Z / INFINITY] is arranged in the METAL BUILD version by Mr. Yanase Yasuyuki who handled the mechanical design by himself.
– A more stereoscopic appearance, a brush up to the moving mechanism!
– A lot of optional parts that direct the active in the play are attached, and it is finished in the item boasting high play value.

Based on the concept design drawn for theater version, arrange armor of each part and arrange it with sharpness.
The design of this work has been adjusted to a simple silhouette that seems like the original Mazinger Z that made the details calm but the METAL BUILD enhances the amount of information based on the conceptual design and attracts as a three-dimensional object It is finished to be something of.
In addition, the coloring distinguishes glossy finish and metallic coloring properly, which brings out the luxurious feeling unique to the finished product.

– Hover Pilder
There are two forms of Hover Pilder, a state in which the wing is expanded and a state in which it is closed for coalescence.

– Jet Scrander
Jet Scrander can be combined with Mazinger Z, but it can also be exhibited on its own by using a dedicated joint.
In addition, built in the base of the wing, variable wing realized without replacing.

– Rocket punch / Drill missile / Iron cutter
Remove forearm, reproduce rocket punch. The powerful effect parts are also included.
A dedicated pillar is also attached, enabling exhibition in a floating state.
Reproduce the iron cutter and the drill missile by detaching and replacing the parts of each part.

– Southern cross knife / missile punch
Southern cross knife and missile punch are stunning in three dimensions.
The Southern Crossknife uses clear parts, and it is shaped as a speedy moment of injection.
The missile punch is not only a tip but also a luxury specification that comes with a large volume missile body.

– set content
· Main body
· Two replacement wrists on each side
· Hover Pilder 2 types
· Jet Scrander Complete
· Rocket punch effect set complete set
· Iron cutter (left and right)
· Replacement drill missile car parts (left and right)
· Complete missile punch parts
· Southern Cross effect parts × 2
· Vernier effect parts × 4
· Exclusive pedestal set
· Armed display pedestal (long) × 2
Armed display pedestal (short)

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