Manufacturer : Bandai
Series             : DX Soul of Chogokin
Original          : GREAT MAZINGER
Release Date : 2015
Material          : ABS, Die-cast
Height            : approx 325mm
Size/Weight   : 690mm x 460mm x 360mm / 10430g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : xx,xxx
Sales Price    : xx,xxx

Set Contents

– A great hero, DX super alloy soul Great Mazinger large appearance!

– Determined in the culmination of superalloy version, Great Mazinger appeared in DX super alloy soul! Height 325mm big body internal structure is reproduced, it is also possible to the mechanics model removing the exterior parts. Emission and voice gimmick is also equipped, in accordance with the cry of KenTetsuya, eyes shining! Also store maintenance base Brest Byrne was popular in shining !! Mazinger Z comes.

– Internal mechanic
Reproduce the internal mechanism of the Great Mazinger in precise detail. Armored parts of the front has a detachable, it is possible to confirm the mechanic detail systemic. Furthermore chest, abdomen, the armor of the waist left and right split type is also available, it’s possible to enjoy even as a cut model if you use it.

– The light-emitting and sound gimmick
Built-in voice and LED gimmick in the chest. Theme song [I Great Mazinger] from the voice unit, [hero Mazinger], insert song [of Tetsuya theme] flowing melody of (all three songs instrumental). Furthermore, in addition to the start (Madin Go → Fire on) Thunder break Great Typhoon Great Boomerang Atomic Punch Brest sound effects of Baan scramble dash Mazinger blade (sound effect), the sword is the operator Tetsuya (voice / lines of Noda Keiichi) have also been recorded. LED unit to emit light eyes and chest with built-in, express the brilliance of Thunder break and Brest burn.

– Rich accessories
Scramble Dash: Reproduce the flight form by attaching the wing parts in the back. From both legs of the calf also expand vertical tail.
Drill pressure punch: an enhanced version of the atomic punch helical blade is deployed. It can be dealt with by retrofit of lower arm parts in the commodity.
Back spin kick / knee impulse kick: to reproduce the new deathblow to cut the enemy in the blade of the shin in the parts installed. Of course, it came needle for knee impulse kick.

– Mazinger Z and united front
Optional parts also included corresponding to [DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z]. By arranging both goods [Mazinger Z vs. dark imperator] or [Great Mazinger] of 2 large Mazinger in the climax brave can enjoy. To prepare a handshake for the wrist parts of the Great Mazinger body and the optional of Mazinger Z, [Great Mazinger] Episode 56 (final episode) Last of the scenes can be reproduced. Machine gar blade two accessories. Great Mazinger dual wield itself, of course, also it’s possible to have one for Mazinger Z.

– The set includes: Body, Brain Condor, replacement wrist left and right each three, wrist set for handshake, armor parts set, Mazinger blade × 2, scramble dash complete set, dedicated pedestal, store maintenance base, infrared remote control
– Battery (sold separately): (for the body) AAA batteries × 2, AAA batteries × 2 (for infrared remote control), AAA batteries × 3 (for storing maintenance base)

– First award (image board (B4) 4 points, special case): Image board collection Go Nagai draw grated Shi of [great genie picture (Great Mazinger)]
The first production run, the Australian Nagai drew grated image board collection [great genie image] is shipped for [DX super alloy soul Great Mazinger. It has become a privilege contents of the Great Mazinger fans salivating. Australia draws Nagai, here found only Great Mazinger of the Mazinger Z united front to enter the hands just now!

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Item Size/Weight : 67.5 x 45.1 x 35 cm / 10680g

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