SIC. HERO SAGA VOL. 1``escape``


Manufacturer : Bandai
Series             : S.I.C.Tamashii Collectors
Original          : Masked Rider
Release Date : Mid Feb., 2007
Material          : ABS, Diecast, PC, PVC
Height            : Non
Size/Weight   : 18Kg
Status            : In stock
List Price       : 13,xxx
Sales Price    : 1x,xxx

Set Contents

“Masked Rider Takeshi Hongo is a modified human beings. Shocker was remodeled he is a secret society of evil bent on world domination. Masked Rider for human freedom, I fight Shocker!”
Large items Genru … startle scale of startle in SIC series, precise detail … remodeling surgery scene of three-dimensional size of the force (vertical about 40cm × side about 50cm × height of about 50cm)
● SIC first series of diorama items
The world of the “SIC HERO SAGA” in the serialized in Hobby Japan is in your hands!
● modeling that has been crafted to detail
Takeshi Hongo of facial expression, operating table of texture …
Detail there is a new discovery in about view.

● can be ON / OFF of the Light


Lighting and Shocker emblem of the operating table is lit, so as to be more realistic scene representation
Three-dimensional remodeling surgery scene in the size of the force (vertical about 40cm × side about 50cm × height of about 50cm)
Limited production set includes: operating table diorama, Takeshi figure (in remodeling surgery) Hongo, Rider Mask, Masked Rider No. 1 figure, comes with a shocker science personnel figures three bodies. Battery: single 3 × 3 (not included) is currently being developed as a limited quantity production item! Follow-up from time to time published in such soul web & Hobby magazine.

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