DX Chogokin Macross YF-19 Full Set Pack

Bandai DX Chogokin YF-19 Full Set Pack



Manufacturer : Bandai
Series             : Dx Chogokin
Original          : The Super Dimension Fortress Macross
Release Date : Late Sep., 2018
Material          : ABS , Diecast
Height            : Approx 250mm.
Size/Weight   : 38 x 24.5 x 14.7 cm / 1584g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : xx,xxx

Set Contents

– [Macross Plus] aircraft finally appeared !!

– YF – 19 appears from the OVA work [Macross Plus] developed since 1994!

– 01 Weapon Weaponry
Various weapons of YF-19 are included. Various missiles such as large anti-ship reactive bullets, high maneuver missiles, two-stage interceptor missiles can be equipped on hard points as underwater weapons.

– 02 FAST pack
Booster, additional armored units such as increased armor [FAST pack] is included.
Three morphological deformations are also possible in the mounted condition.

– 03 Fold Booster
Fold booster that can be equipped in fighter form is included.
Texture is also reproduced by clear parts.

– 04 versus Armored Armament Pack
Arm missile launcher that appeared only in one scene in the play [vs. armored weapon pack] was first reproduced in three dimensions.
Fighter, can also be equipped in the form of Garook.

– 05 Multi-seat cockpit
The multi-seat cockpit is reproduced with opening and closing of the canopy.
Figures for cockpit comes with 2 isams, 1 type of Yang.

– 06 Effect parts
Effect point for pinpoint barrier punch is included.
You can direct posing when Batroid is more impressive.

– 07 heel parts
Larger heel parts. Improve the fighter ‘s silhouette and Batroid’ s proportions.

– 08 Improved range of motion
Added a movable axis to the lower thigh. At the time of Gawk, it is possible to make a clearer opening leg, and active posing is possible at batroid.

– set content
· Main body
· Gower parts
· Gunpod
· Replacement wrist right and left three each
· Fast pack set
· 3 pilot figures
· Exclusive stand set
· A set of effect parts
· Fold Booster Complete
· Propulsive mass bullet shooting pod × 4
· Large anti-ship reactive bullets × 4
· High Maneuver missile × 4
· Propulsive type laser pod × 4
· Two-stage Pursuit Missile x 8
· Complete various types of armor wearing joints
· Prototype for YF-19 versus Armored Armament Pack

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