Gypsy Danger

Soul of Chogokin GX-77 Gypsy Danger

แปซิฟิกริม ยิปซี แดนเจอร์


Manufacturer : Bandai
Series             : Soul of Chogokin
Original          : Pacific Rim
Release Date : Late Feb., 2018
Material          : ABS, Diecast ,PVC
Height            : H 230mm
Size/Weight   : 41.2 x 27.8 x 8.2 cm / 1451g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : x,xxxx

Set Contents

– 2,500 tons of awesome!

– The long-awaited Pacific Rim’s leading role machine, GIPSY DANGER appears in super alloy soul!

– A masterpiece movie of mechanical genre of 2013 [Pacific · Rim] is a lineup with superalloy soul.
– As the first step, Jaeger, [American gypsy · Danger] representing the United States with the leading role of the movie, appeared.
– Built-in light gimmick in 4 places to reproduce the start sequence remaining in the impression and the weapon-activated scene.
– Other weapons parts and ships used in the play as weapons are also included.

– LIGHT – UP –
Four casings of plasma caster, chest, and eyes flash. Operate the light gimmick with the push button.

The symbolic scene of the movie can be thoroughly reproduced with abundant accessories.

– set content
· Main body
· Two replacement wrists on each side
· Ship (weapon)
· Chainsaword (sword mode) × 2
· Chainsaword (whip mode) × 2
· Plasma caster left and right
· Dedicated pedestal

– Batteries
LR 41 × 7 (included test battery)

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