Steel Jeeg White Ver. & Pantheroid

Dynamite Action No.1 Ex Steel Jeeg White Ver. & Pantheroid



Manufacturer : Evolution-Toy
Series             : Dynamite Action
Original          : Steel Jeeg(Hiroshi Shiba)
Release Date : Nov-2016
Material          : ABS, PVC, Iron, Magnet
Height            : H11cm
Size/Weight   : 190mm x 305mm x 65mm / 403g
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : x,xxx

Set Contents

-Main figure (Steel Jeeg)
-Hand parts (left & right) x2 sets (closed fist, open)
-Hand parts for knuckle bomber x1
-Jeeg bazooka x1
-Mach drill x1 set
-Main figure (Pantheroid)
-Hand parts for Steel Jeeg (weapon holding) x1
-Jeeg lancer x1
-Jeeg buckler x1

Dynamite Action S! Steel Jeeg comes in a special and nostalgic white version!! And the set includes Pantheroid too!
While small, the figure includes Dynamite Action Spec., and thanks to the magnets and 8mm iron balls in the joints it’s possible to recreate many different poses and attach parts.
Of course, you can also unite Pantheroid and Steel Jeeg. The following option parts for Steel Jeeg are included: Mach Drill, Jeeg Bazooka, Jeeg Lancer (with hand parts to use it), Jeeg Buckler.

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