Mazinkaiser Metallic

AA Alloy Mazinkaiser Metallic Ver.


Manufacturer : Arcadia
Series             : AA Gokin
Original          : Mazinger Z
Release Date : Late Apr., 2018
Material          : Zinc AlloyABS , POM , etc.
Height            : H 150mm.
Size/Weight   :  22 x 18 x 7.5 cm
Status            : In stock
List Price       : x,xxx
Sales Price    : x,xxx

Set Contents

– For the deformed item, there is a very wide range, metallic ver. Will appear in the fourth AA alloy series [Mazinkaiser] that has gained popularity.

– Also, unlike normal color and color, we incorporate our original originality.
– It becomes a series which used the feature of the series [die casting] abundantly, there is weight feeling.
– The removable Kaiser pile of Mazinkaiser from the head!
– By attaching the attached Kaiser Pilder Nose Parts, it will become Kaiser Pileder alone!

– Kaiser Scrunder attachment and detachment and each Kaiser blade possibility possible.
– Final Kaiser blade pattern parts will be parts that can be drawn out from the chest.

– accessories
· Final Kaiser Blade
· Kaiser blade
· Final Kaiser blade pattern parts
· Handle for Kaiser blade
· Posing hand
· Kaiser Pilder Nose Parts
· Kaiser Scrander
·instruction manual

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